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“La Casa di Ester” is located in the Cilento National Park in the small city “Vallo della Lucania”, at 18 Kms from the sea, at the foot of Mount Gelbison, at the border of a wonderful woody area. Accurately restored across the years, “La Casa di Ester” covers an area of about 350 sqm and includes two different units, the Old Family House and the Modern Pool House.
The compound comprises a parking area, a garden of 2.200 sq.mt. and a swimming pool in reinforced concrete (accessible from 1st June to 30th September), all for the use by guests.


The Old family house, made of stone and built in 1870, develops on three levels: the ground floor with a living room, a library, a dinner room, a kitchen with a laundry, a small bathroom; the “night area” at the upper floors, with two independent suites, the “Suite Stella” (three rooms, two bathrooms and a terrace) and the “Suite Gelbison” (two rooms, one bathroom and one cooking corner). The two suites are independent, each with its autonomous entrance, but transformable into a single house in case of need.


The second unit, the Pool House, is a modern construction with big glass windows opening onto the pool and overlooking secular olive trees. Provided with air condition, independent from the old house thanks to an autonomous entrance, it has two double bedrooms, Suite Marilyn and Suite Blake, each with private bathroom, a big living room and a small kitchen. Please note that during winter months the pool will be covered up.


An old family home decorated with furniture owned by the family for years and design pieces carefully collected over the years. The house has also a rich library with english and italian books, some of which are collectors pieces. The ancient stone restored by local expert stone masons, the wooden ceilings with exposed beams, the 1700’s terracotta floors and the introduction of modern materials such as iron, cast iron and glass mosaics, render this house an original and exclusive place. The new structures incorporated in the house and gardens have been designed by talented architects and built by local skilled craftsmen, and they fit perfectly into the original structure. A combination of ancient and modern, tradition and design that distinguishes this house from others.


“La Casa di Ester” has two separate entrances on the back of the house that lead to the old town through a stone passage covered with a wooden ceiling dating from the late 1700s. The front façade with its entrance opens onto the garden of 2.200sq.mt with a lawn and olive trees, a pergola for outdoor dining, and a porch with a large covered living-dining area.


The swimming pool, accessible from 1st June to 30th September, measuring 5 x 15 meters is equipped with every comfort, the water is purified with iodized salt. A small waterfall falls from a rock into a small pond filled with water lilies and gladdens with its pleasant murmur.
The view from both the house and garden is magnificent – the wide landscape going from west to east encompasses Mount Gelbison, the medieval town of Novi Velia, the broad valley reaching down to the sea, and the mountain range with its beautiful sunsets. The beautiful garden, the magnificent view and the secular olive trees overlooking the swimming pool make this place an ideal location for wedding and other special events


“La Casa di Ester” is located in the Cilento National Park, a World Heritage Site with the archaeological sites of Paestum, Velia and the Certosa of Padula. “La Casa di Ester” is located in an ancient village that lies at the foot of Mount Gelbison, 1 km from “Vallo della Lucania” which is a lively city for business with all the facilities including a general hospital with an emergency organization.

The possible excursions are countless: Paestum, Velia, Padula, Camerota, Palinuro, Castellabate, Monte Gelbison, Monte Cervati, Acciaroli, Roscigno Vecchia, Grotte di Castelcivita, Felitto Gole del Calore, Grotte di Morigerati, etc. There is also a wide variety of food and wine typical of the Cilento cuisine with its “mediterranean diet”.


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